Early- April, 2007 Dhngraji shooting from within the car at the beautiful Dhudhwa Tiger Reserve in the Terai region grasslands of Uttar Pradesh. We stayed there for about four nights and had some splendid spring-time shooting in the fabulous jungle around. Photo-Credit : Dr. P. Kumar

Nanak Dhingra was a post-graduate in Physics. It was almost then that he teamed up with his uncle who was already running a hydraulic pump business. Dhingraji was full of verve and enterprise and he read about pump designing a terrific lot, and developed clear ideas as to how he would like to still his own business for manufacturing hydraulic pumps for the very many sugar industries in and around UP, and even in Maharashtra. So the business partners eventually split and Dhingraji set up his independent business in Ghaziabad. He was very hard-working and was supervising the entire pump-making business single-handedly. He smelt early success – and maintained his authoritative pump manufacturing authority in the sugar mill industry.